‘Polo by the Sea’ has demonstrated a consistent ability to generate extensive publicity for sponsors and create unique and unrivalled corporate client entertainment opportunities.

‘Polo by the Sea’, the second largest Urban Polo™ asset after ‘Polo in the City’, annually generates in excess of $2 to $3 million in marketing value for its major sponsors. ‘Polo by the Sea’ events receive coverage in all major news mediums ranging from free to air TV, radio and print, as well as through private corporate avenues such as corporate databases. Regularly featuring in ‘Party of the Year’ sections of social papers, ‘Polo by the Sea’ events are popular among sponsors, hospitality clients and the media alike. ‘Polo by the Sea’ is becoming a preferred client entertainment vehicle for a growing stable of corporate clients, forging a strong presence in a market previously dominated by traditional sports such as horse racing, football codes, cricket, golf and sailing.

‘Polo by the Sea’ is based on the same successful production formula as ‘Polo in the City’ and draws on the vast experience, knowledge, precedents as well as corporate, media and sponsorship contacts developed in context of ‘Polo in the City’, which results in an aggregate average marketing value of $3 million being generated for its sponsors annually.

For more information and sponsorship opportunities please contact info@poloenterprises.com.au

Why invest in Polo by the Sea?

  • It combines the adrenaline of horse racing, with the skill and agility of ball sports together with the grunt and physical vigor of rugby.
  • Polo is one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the world
  • Associated with prestige, success and excellence, it is a sport that is ideally placed to provide a marketing platform for a sponsor to integrate its brand into an environment that is often difficult to access
  • A sport that provides communication through an inexpensive medium to carry brand messages to the market place
  • Polo by the Sea is well placed to deliver the benefits of Urban Polo™ in a professional manner

What Polo by the Sea can give your brand

  • Access to high net-worth jet-setting vacationers
  • An opportunity to reach the AB demographic in a niche environment
  • Association with a sport that is fast becoming the sport of choice for young urban professionals and entrepreneurs
  • An opportunity to establish your niche within the sport, and its social fabric, at its early stage of growth within the country
  • An inexpensive investment vehicle compared to other mediums
  • An ideal branding, sampling and distribution platform

Sponsorship Packages

  1. Series Naming Rights
  2. Team Naming Rights
  3. VIP Marquee
  4. Polo Lounge
  5. Dash for Prize
  6. Divot Stomp
  7. Scoreboard
  8. Player Jeans
  9. Umpires
  10. Saddle cloths
  11. Pro-Am Game Trophy
  12. Professional Game Trophy
  13. After Party